Glen Waverley (Melbourne, Victoria)

Paul Tomassini was born in 1957 and is the life partner of the lovely and admirable Anne Hoffmann Cox and dad to 3 “revolving door” adult offspring.

Paul lives and works in Melbourne, Australia as a full-time teacher in KarateDo, TaiChiChuan, and Womens Self Defence. Paul is the Chief Instructor of Heiko Ryu KarateDo. Paul has travelled to the Japanese mainland, Okinawa and China for training on a number of occasions, and continues to do so.

His martial arts CV includes:

  • Training GojuRyu 1975-present
  • GoDan in GojuKensha 1995
  • Training Koryu Uchinadi 1995-2005, with special interest in precursor practices to GojuRyu, found in White Crane and MonkFist Chuanfa.
  • NanaDan from KU founder Patrick McCarthy Hanshi 2011
  • Training methodology of Taira Masaji Hanshi from 2011
  • 2017 ShibuCho Okinawa GojuRyu KenKyuKai
  • RokuDan in Okinawa GojuRyu KenKyuKai from Taira Masaji Hanshi

Training at the following locations:

GLEN WAVERLEY (Karate & Kobudo)

18-27 Orchard Street

KEYSBOROUGH (Karate Kids only)

400 Cheltenham Rd

RESEARCH (Karate Kids only)

Research Oval Main Rd.

Phone 0417547311 Email.